Advanced Accounting, Auditing, Taxation & Treasury Management




General Managers, Finance Directors, Taxation Directors, Financial Controllers, Treasury Managers, Treasurers, Taxation Managers, Finance Managers, Accounts Managers, Treasury Analyst, Taxation Specialists, Financial and Management Accountants, Auditors, Financial Analysts, Accounts Supervisors and Accounts Superintendents.


By the end of the programme delegates will:

  • Have a greater understanding of current International Accounting Standards (IAS), and International Financial Reporting Standards and the Impact of changes on their organisations
  • Create understanding of the range of financial analysis skills and techniques that create shareholder value
  • Learn and integrate new developments in financial control and management into their corporate environment.
  • Gain the understanding for business failure and problems within the business including financial analysis, corporate failure prediction and measurement of corporate performance
  • Have an understanding of corporate governance and the dissemination of information to users
  • Have an understanding of taxation of corporate businesses, tax planning and methods of mitigating tax liabilities.
  • Have a greater understanding of current issues and developments, Auditor’s reports and reports to management in relation to Auditing Standards and Practice Statements, International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).
  • Have a greater understanding of Treasury Management techniques and the implication of IASs to treasury products.


The topics covered include:

Treasury Management

  • International Treasury
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Financial Instruments
    • the application of IAS 39
    • case studies on leading international companies
  • Cash Management & Banking
  • Investment and Counterparty Risk
  • Management of Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Funding
  • Case studies, practical examples and guidance from experts


  • Deferred taxation – different approaches including tax rates and discounting
  • Measurement/calculation of deferred tax amount in financial statements
  • International Tax/Tax Planning
  • The Corporation Tax Liability
  • Overseas Operations/Double Taxation relief for companies
  • Introduction to Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Case Studies

International Accounting Standards (IAS)

  • Current issues and latest developments in IASs and their world-wide applications and implications
  • GAAP Accounting
  • Case studies, practical examples of international companies
  • Usage of IASs/IFRS


  • Current Issues and developments regarding International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), International Audit Practice Statements (IAPSs)
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Professional Responsibility and Liability
  • Corporate Governance and implications for the Auditors
  • Practice Management
  • Audit and business risk
  • Audit planning and Internal Control
  • Audit reports that produce results
  • Case Studies

Financial Reporting/Performance

  • Preparation of the financial statements of complex groups including vertical and mixed groups
  • Group Cash flow Statements
  • Group reorganisations and restructuring including demergers, take-overs and group schemes
  • Preparation of reports for external and internal users
  • Corporate governance – latest developments, issues and implications for Financial Reporting
  • Foreign currency transactions and entities
  • Case studies
  • Sequence of dates required and remove the repetition of month on the dates mentioned

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Dubai, UAE, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, London, UK


April 22 – May 03, 2024, June 17 – 28, 2024, September 02 – 13, 2024, November 11 – 22, 2024, October 14 – 18, 2024